Beatbox is a musical expression of the body through the innovation of sounds and the creation of music using only the mouth, throat and nose.

Contrary to popular belief, Beatbox remains a rapidly evolving form of art that excels at the sole reproduction of drums and sound effects and becomes a full-fledged musical performance. Beatbox is the primary form of human art, which uses the physical body as a universal instrument. Musical expression through the body is at the heart of human communication, transforming the beatbox into the most organic form of art.

Jenya Kichigin from an early age discovered the talent of a beatboxer. After hearing the beatbox performed by one of the percussionists of the England group, he decided to try to play similar sounds, and he succeeded. It is worth noting that Jenya makes a cappella sounds, which can be safely compared to a professionally recorded sound. His friends support his passion for BeatBoxing, and he has begun to perform frequently at events.

Beatbox is a kind of industrial percussion that primarily involves the art of imitating a drama machine, using only your mouth, lips, language and voice. However, it can also include singing, vocal scratching, imitation work with turntables, sounds of wind instruments, strings, DJ scratching and many others. Today Beatbox is closely linked to hip-hop culture, often referred to as "the fifth element of hip-hop", although beatbox is not limited to beatbox music. The term "beatbox" is sometimes used to refer to vocal percussion in general.

- Jenya, how did you learn to beatbox - purposefully or find talent in yourself?

At the time when I started playing different sounds, there was no such direction as Beatbox. My father and I were sounding a computer game and the task was to voice the main personage in a way that would match his voice to his mood, so we tried different ways to record the voice in the studio at home. We also sounded different actions that the personage encountered in the course of the game, such as opening the door, starting the car, kicking a soccer ball - it's incredibly interesting to sit and think about what sound you can pick up different options. In fact, in the modern art of beatboxing, if you compare by analogy, all very much like there is a basis and the sounds that you play consistently, at the time when I got carried away with the sounding I did not set a global task for myself, day after day we were doing something new, studied the library of sounds of various downloaded software, as well as found interesting sounds by doing different actions - it's a very interesting process.

- Do you improvise at events, or do you play a certain sound?

Usually when performing a beatbox at an event I make a prepared program there are individual performances which are prepared accordingly for the event observing the subject and specifics of the audience present at the event. This process requires more time to prepare in this case customers inform earlier about the upcoming event.

- What period do you think you can learn beatboxing in?

It all depends on each individual I can say for sure that you can learn the basic skills of beatboxing after 2-3 years of training 2-3 hours a day. It depends on who you train with, whether there is someone nearby who can explain the correct sound technique. Now there is a huge amount of training material on the Internet, which will make it much easier for you to learn before that was not mainly a few training videos, which everyone watched and tried to do something similar. After a short period of time a lot has changed online resources offer a lot of tutorial beatbox material. I know a lot of self-taught lessons that perform incredible beatbox, every year this genre is becoming more and more popular and now opens a lot of leisure schools where you can learn to beatboxing attending classes before there were much less.

- How do you think this direction is developed in Russia?

Now BeatBoxing in Russia is developing very rapidly, there are more and more new stars of this genre, the level of performances has also grown, which of course I'm very pleased with. I think if it goes on like this, we'll overtake all of them, young people in Russia have always been very active exactly this is happening now. People are increasingly interested in new modern types of art and opportunities with the development of such Internet services as YouTube, Instagram also contributes to the popularization of the genre. Last year we together with "Fitness House" opened one more beatbox school in Debenko "Limpic BeatBox House" so I take this opportunity to invite everyone to open classes on BeatBox.

- What do your parents think about your passion?

They're happy that I have a favorite thing to do. Children very often become a projection of their parents and continue in some way what they grew up on. My parents are very creative people and they always make sure that my sister and I don't sit at home and do what we like best. So understanding is of course also very important.

- Would you like to connect your professional future with beatbox or is it a temporary interest?

Yes, I really like to do sound, music. There are a lot of things I want to learn all in one day. There are a lot of different ideas in my head that I want to realize.

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